About SafetySack


As parents of children with severe food allergies, we have worked hard to strike a balance between the need for our children to be safe and our desire for them to feel included in all the activities of their peers. The ready availability of emergency medication in the hands of knowledgeable caregivers is the key to our comfort and, most important, our children’s safety.

Product Features

  • Heavy duty nylon pouch | 8″ x 10″ x 2.5″
  • A child-resistant safety lock with reclosable slide zipper
  • Hinged snap ring and hole at top left corner for hanging
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Medication is not included

SafetySack addresses the need:

…for children to have their potentially life-saving medication with them at all times.

…for emergency medication to be out of the reach of young children who are not old enough to be responsible for administering medication themselves.

…for caregivers to be informed as to who in their care has a medical condition that may require life-saving medication and emergency action plans.

…for containers holding emergency medication to be easily transportable and conspicuous; in an emergency it is essential that no time be lost looking for medication.

SafetySack. Customized to suit your needs...

You choose the quantity and can select from multiple Emergency Action Plans. Discounts starting with orders of 4 SafetySacks.