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I was delighted to discover SafetySack – it’s an easy, very efficient way to relay vital information and medication for my child. It makes drop offs at friends or parties much less dramatic being able to just hand over a self-contained kit that provides all the information as to food avoidance and if necessary react to an allergic response. I feel more at ease knowing that all the necessary information is in one place and that I haven’t forgot to tell somebody an important detail of my daughter’s allergies… Thanks much.




I first heard about SafetySack from my daughter’s allergist. My 3 1/2 year old has food allergies and after discovering that my one year old also has them, we met with a new allergist for her and he told me about your product. I loved the idea and bought them for each of my daughters to keep at home and daycare. My daughters each have their own sack for their Benadryl and EpiPens. We have one set at home and one set at daycare. My daycare lady now has them in a nice package that is ready at a moments notice. I love the product…Thank you.




I love the SafetySack. I purchased two…one for daycare and one for home. I especially like the size. I can fit the EpiPen, a package of Benadryl and an inhaler. I leave the SafetySack on the counter by the door and grab it whenever we head out to eat. I also like the feeling that I would not have to go hunting at the bottom of my purse to find the EpiPen if the need arose…I can say that the daycare mom loves it as well. She feels better knowing that the medication is somewhat protected from the other kids accidentally getting into it. I tell everyone about [it]. Thanks for a great product.



Rhode Island

We love the sacks. We will be using them at our grade school. We have to have five EpiPens kept in various places so we will keep them in the bags. Our school nurse was really impressed with them. Thank You!



I work at Pound House Children’s Center in Ann Arbor and I learned about the SafetySack at an allergy training [seminar]…We use them to keep medication and allergy medicine in them for our children that need them. They have been very useful and a great purchase. Thank you for the wonderful creation.



I’m really happy with the SafetySack. We just got back from a week long vacation, and it made me feel so much more organized and less stressed about our son’s peanut allergy. I love that his photo is on it, with all the relevant information anyone (family, friends, sitters) would need. It holds two EpiPen Jr.’s, an EpiPen trainer, an inhaler, and a bottle of liquid Benadryl, and all pertinent written information. It all fits easily in my purse…Thanks for making such a great product!



I heard about your product through the Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota, and I am thrilled to be using your product. We carry my son’s Benadryl, EpiPens and emergency action plan cards inside the sacks. I like that they’re clear so one can see at a glance what’s inside. They’re really handy…thank you so much for offering your product!




Got the SafteySack for my son who will be in 8th grade. He still has to have his EpiPen at school. I think it’s great! Especially at a school where in the health room there are a lot of meds [that] can be easily confused. This way it ID’s only him. Thank You.


I bought two sacks, one we use at home and carry with us wherever we go. The other one we keep at our child’s daycare for them to take with on school outings. I like that the info about symptoms of a reaction, and directions on how to use the EpiPen are right on the packet…we’re happy with the product.


I use [the SafetySack] to send my daughter’s EpiPen to school – I love the fact that it has all her important information right on it and a picture of her – she has severe peanut allergies and I worry all the time.


I heard about the safety sack on peanutallergy.com…I use it in my daughters diaper bag – it’s great because she can’t open it…I’m very happy with the product and like that it’s clear – in an emergency it makes it easy for care[giv]ers to locate the EpiPens.


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